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The past enlightens my today,
Encourages myself to overcome dismay
The ultimate pedagogue for any astray
A critic in my lows and my heyday
The future rekindles the present day
It allures and assures using illusions of ‘Some Day’
Its an abyss of infinite possibilities at bay
Pulsating with random opportunities each day
Amid this chaos of what has been and what might may
The ephemeral present turns to yesterday
It withers away like radioactive decay
As if trying to escape and betray
Is it foreplay or some foul play
Clueless, not in denial, I am swept away
Overwhelmed with what the present throws my way
I prepare myself for the milky way
Developing taste for this exquisite gourmet
Best dressed for the judgement day
Strutting out the passing of each day
I’m living the greatest day of my life TODAY!

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I feel you whisper through the pleasant breeze,
A message full of your smirking expertise
Carrying the notes n tones of your fragrance
Filling me up with all your essence
Through the hot n cold, I feel u tease
Thawing the raging desires, put to freeze
In the pain of hunger & of disease
I feel you wanting it to ease
You fill my days with past memories
N nights with long & distant dreams
I feel you around me everywhere
But still miss you in my arms right here
I long for our bitter sweet fights
A spectacle belittling the Northern Lights
I long for the Sparks of your smile
The fireworks that kept me going that extra mile
I long to be lost in the shade of your love
For which I emptied all treasure-trove
Desperately trying to survive this drought
Longing for you, day in day out.

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Love you Mom!

In this modern era, suffering from turbulent tides
All gather together, to celebrate the creator of life
Shining like a beacon, of hope and of compassion
Mesmerising the whole world, with beauty and with passion
A brilliant cosmic blend, of strength and emotions
A flamboyant mix, of gentle exposition
Expression of glamour, epitome of fashion
A tranquil draft of creativity and innovation
Seemingly bleak, but bold and headstrong
Champion of perseverance and all that’s beyond
Pinnacle of endearment, & love & affection
The most awesome load balancer of Creation
Exuding the brilliance of life in motion
Nurturing, caring and evolving life with devotion
None can ever be grateful enough & express
The appreciation, the awe & the love, still I profess.
I love you Mom, I am your devotee
You are dearer to me even over the Almighty…

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More of U

The warmth of love that you exude,
Gives me shelter, a guarded recluse,
Something to look forward to, a beautiful excuse,
A world away from this one, to confess n diffuse.
With a candle glowing bright between us,
Your smile rekindles emotions at their best,
The soft silhouettes of your features at rest,
Evoke amazement, a wonderful zest.
A lifetime of memories, that we possess
are all but fragments of our achievements
Blessings from the holy shrine for compassion n contentment
Cruising past the life’s milestones best dressed
an evening among the lavenders blooming at their best
Carving our names at the sandy shores tempest
A kiss at the pinnacle of every love enthusiast
And each morning like a template of Love me Digest.
May our lives be fairy tales told in fairy tales
Every tear you wear a diamond of Wales
All we share, be the start of a shimmering trail
There be Less of me & More of you on every scale.

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The signature that u engrave
on my soul with your lips,
Sets it on fire
With desires of your fingertips
An incessant pain ensues
Overwhelming my senses and wit
With flashes of you in my arms
Holding a placard saying Shit.
Flabbergasted, I look around
Only to find myself in a flavorless skit
Surrounded by pretentious folk
Singing the lore ‘when we split’
Burning my world,
Before I can extinguish
All is lost
Except the instruments for my anguish
A token of these spoils of love
Your memories : I still can’t relinquish
My heart still guilty of loving you
Thinking of you n talking gibberish…

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I perceive

Drifting further from that distant dream,
falling prey to the lure with a scream,
A dream within a dream of a bed of roses
vaporizing like a relief, a mirage proposes.
I try to hold it, in my thoughts, in my arms,
but, it slips and confuses, like dusk and dawn
Perplexed by the loss, I welcome despair
But, I swear to God, that’t not the worst of my fears
I fear no wrath, no wreath, no wraith,
No fear of judgement or someone’s rage
What I fear is losing my wonderful dream
The tranquil relations and their lustrous gleam
With every passing moment, I slip downstream
Losing yet another second of this beautiful dream
Like thick white mountain mist over the valley fields
Vanishing into thin air without any yield
This abysmal force, degrades and deceives,
All that love stands for, the truths and the beliefs
This quandary jeopardizes everything I believe,
Is there any Love, or just something I falsely perceive!

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Save our Rivers

The stream of river flowing besides my home,
Makes me feel I am in Rome.
Flowing through the beautiful hills and plains,
Full of wonders, in summers and rains,
Nourishing birds, animals, plants and fishes,
Providing us canals fulfilling our wishes,
The center of the living community around,
Supporting all civilizations that surround.
It does not follow any color or creed,
It does not favor any distinguished breed.
Rivers provide the source of life,
Rivers replenish the food of life.
The amazing curves it carves in geology,
Evoke a wonder, a mystery for theology.
We worship them as our mothers,
The Ganga, the Yamuna, and all the others.
Yet we see, that they bleed and drain,
With plastic and chemicals and acid rain.
We pollute the holy source of water,
It’s worse than killing, even manslaughter.
I call upon you, my brothers and sisters,
To take a pledge, to stop this act sinister.
The colorless water has turned black,
Act before it’s too late to turn back…
Save our rivers!