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I perceive

Drifting further from that distant dream,
falling prey to the lure with a scream,
A dream within a dream of a bed of roses
vaporizing like a relief, a mirage proposes.
I try to hold it, in my thoughts, in my arms,
but, it slips and confuses, like dusk and dawn
Perplexed by the loss, I welcome despair
But, I swear to God, that’t not the worst of my fears
I fear no wrath, no wreath, no wraith,
No fear of judgement or someone’s rage
What I fear is losing my wonderful dream
The tranquil relations and their lustrous gleam
With every passing moment, I slip downstream
Losing yet another second of this beautiful dream
Like thick white mountain mist over the valley fields
Vanishing into thin air without any yield
This abysmal force, degrades and deceives,
All that love stands for, the truths and the beliefs
This quandary jeopardizes everything I believe,
Is there any Love, or just something I falsely perceive!

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Save our Rivers

The stream of river flowing besides my home,
Makes me feel I am in Rome.
Flowing through the beautiful hills and plains,
Full of wonders, in summers and rains,
Nourishing birds, animals, plants and fishes,
Providing us canals fulfilling our wishes,
The center of the living community around,
Supporting all civilizations that surround.
It does not follow any color or creed,
It does not favor any distinguished breed.
Rivers provide the source of life,
Rivers replenish the food of life.
The amazing curves it carves in geology,
Evoke a wonder, a mystery for theology.
We worship them as our mothers,
The Ganga, the Yamuna, and all the others.
Yet we see, that they bleed and drain,
With plastic and chemicals and acid rain.
We pollute the holy source of water,
It’s worse than killing, even manslaughter.
I call upon you, my brothers and sisters,
To take a pledge, to stop this act sinister.
The colorless water has turned black,
Act before it’s too late to turn back…
Save our rivers!

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Happy Birthday Purwar

For all my breaths, n heartbeats till yet
I cherish most of those with u, I bet.
Its difficult to start, and even more to forget
For I m forever in your debt.
Words coy before your modest deeds
Inexplicable and Impeccable needs
Late night maggie with Examination leads
Us Strung together like prayer beads
Celebrated together this ordeal of life,
All our achievements and all our strife
May u always b in the prime of life.
I wish you many more decades of prosperous life.

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The nature of the nature is to nurture and to care
The nature is very gentle & full of love that is rare
She loves like a mother & provides like a father
The air we breathe & the food we are after
All of us take shelter on this mystic abode
Slowly degrading it & increasing its load
The wind, the water & the ground we pollute
We make nature suffer without a dispute
The snow capped mountains & the lush green trees
The free flowing river & the still calming seas
We are about to lose all, stop if U please
I miss the chirpy birds & the fragrant breeze
I want to play in the farms & beneath the trees
Wake up to this cause & help nature breathe

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The beauty of Chaos

This amazing beauty, of chaos all around
Fills my eager mind, with possibilities & doubt
Whatever should happen, whatever should not
Should I take the path more traveled, or the one less trot
Enjoy the sweet whispers, of life in my ears
Or just take it by storm, year after year
Oh! The dilemma, to say Yes or to say NO
To each hearty desire, my love did ever throw
No matter how genuine, no matter how lame
Regardless of what happens, I am to be blamed
The fierce scorching heat, of all the expectations
Just adds to my failures, my dereliction
I wonder how I am happy, & eager to carry on
As if the whole cosmos, has tagged me along
Amid the huge chaos, of death & birth of stars
Mine’s a similar fable, full of humor, love & scars
Enthralled & entrenched, in this beautiful chaos
I feel I have been a part (of it), for eons & eons!

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A Thank you note!

Exalted and pleased and elevated I feel,
With the trust you have showered, pious I feel,
In this dearth of discontent, contented I feel,
High in spirits and full of zeal.
Every moment we shared, feels like a steal,
A precious memory, a discounted deal!
The inexplicable happiness I feel,
Has all been your giving, unheard, unseen!
Heartfelt gratitude, and thank you umpteen,
It has been a pleasure, a treasure pristine…

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Exorcise ME

The sweet whispers of your fragrance,
draw me closer to you, your ethereal essence,
The sweet nothings of your boredom,
make me indulge in you, your complete freedom,
The sweet sensations of your voice,
make me believe in you, your charismatic poise,
The sweet goosebumps of your charm,
give me a pleasurable sensation, your larking psalm,
Entangled in you, your lustrous locks,
Mystified by you, your looks, your walk!
Make me or break me, but don’t you wake me,
coz this dream is far too real, just far too reel to hate me,
These illusions keep haunting me, pulverize me,
I cease to exist beyond you, Exorcise me!