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Apni zindagi to main samet loon
apne armaano ka gala ghont loon
andheron mein main gum to ho jaun
zindagi ko apni, main duniya se chuda loon
par mujhse jinhe aarzoo hai
mujhse jinke armaan hai unse kya kahoon
vaise to main kisi ka pyaara nahin
mujhe kisi ne apnaya nahi
zindagi jeeta hoon to bas mummy papa ke liye
zinda rehta hoon to bas unke armaano ke liye
mujhme khud jazbaat kahan, mujhme khud koi ehsaas kahan
ab aur jeena bojhil hai, aankhon ke liye sab ojhil hai,
lamha lamha zindagi ko guzarte dekh raha hoon
laakh soch kar bhi kuch nahi kar raha hoon
doosro ko kya khud ko nahi samajh raha hoon
andheri tanhaaiyon mein rab se guzaarish kar raha hoon
mujhe meri zindagi ka maksad to bata
mujhe jo haasil hai, vo manzil to bata
is bematlab ki duniya mein har koi matlabi hai
khwahish kuch aur, aur maksad ajnabi hai
pyaas hai ki bujhti nahi, pet ki aag thamti nahi
mann ke armaano ka kahan kisi ko ant pata
agle pal aage kya ho mujhe tu bata
bhawnai nahi kisi mein pyaar sab karte hai
matlabi nahi koi, matlab sab samjhte hai
mithaas ke naam par mithai reh gayi hai
bhawnao ke naam par duhai reh gayi hai
mujhe is duniya mein ab aur na tadpaa
jaldi se maksad bata ya apne paas bula…

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All I Want

Being selfish in my own dirty ways,
I disturb myself and others in every possible way.
By words, an utterance and other filthy ways,
I haunt myself and others anytime everyday.
Being possessive I pretend not to be one,
accumulating anger,disgust and other tantrum.
Acting strange and lonely, attracting attention
at parties and celebrations, basking redemption.
Masking my identity with humor and posture,
being sick and pathetic across every roster.
Doing anything just to satisfy my lust,
the basic human greed, but it disgusts.
Nurturing a desire to love, to be loved,
being silent, to express and be hugged.
Knowing my wants are still unfulfilled,
I disguise again, pretending to be thrilled.
But what I am asking is not too big,
I just need someone to listen and DIG…

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The Song of my Lyfe

Walked so many miles,
flushed so many tiles
the ups & downs of Progress files
the hostel, the mess, & the piles
the time I spend all this while
Now, disturbs me in this exile!

There’s a stage in everyone’s life when one learns to love, one learns to give, one learns to let go, one learns to live, yes one learn the meaning of friendship. But what’s important is feeling it, making it feel.

For me college has been a completely different environment, the hostel has given me so many moments to cherish & to relish that I feel sick at home, devoid of that independence, carelessness & idleness. I have undergone to many changes & stages, but one thing remains unaltered – that’s my speaking skills Well, I am so much different from what I was earlier that my parents are unable to recognize me, they are unable to identify me as their son. There is constant conflict as to what I am & what I was.

Changes are prominent & an important part of our life & I have changed particularly because of my friends. The love, the care & the freedom of sharing that they’ve showered on me have had a great impact on me & it is like a permanent engraving on my mind & heart.

In my childhood days, I always dreamt of having friends who value me, respect me & make me complete by filling my voids & R.K.G.I.T. has provided me those precious gems if not anything else.

It’s strange how life chooses its path to take you to the next higher level, confusing U in the minor details & changing the major course of things. It’s not less than any movie or a theater act. And what’s interesting is that it doesn’t happen with any particularly chosen one, but each & every one. God, you really have plotted a ‘Thy Tranquil Draft’.

Admist all this who really suffers or feels the pain, the anxiety & the true emotions of happiness, joy & laughter is the heart of the person experiencing the rough terrain of life & it still lusts for more in hope of more & more, coz indeed life does give more!

There may be some misery & dilemma in one’s mind, but as time passes by it gets sorted or it just disappears forcing the one to move ahead & STRIFE & STRIDE & STRIVE !!!

So, here’s presenting, ” The Song of my Life ”

I feel too empty I feel too sore
everyone’s shut on me the door
leaving behind some memories to mourn
some too happy some to frown
the poet in me has died far long
since I felt I was a thong
hurting friends with questions so wrong
I have degraded the total song
But, something keeps pressing me on,
to push my limits to overcome my wrongs.
Shining above the ages so great,
surpassing the tender love I wait
A sense of being complete awaits
& yet I feel as a flaccid bait
coz the love I always love to love
is far too away like the flying Dove!

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My Find

Feeling a spark in my gloomy eyes,
a pinch of smile that never dies,
a feel, sensation, emotion divine,
the beats, the music, the lovely rhyme,
all the beauty, all the wine,
comes to me, happens all mine.
the flying birds, the whirling chimes,
the busy lanes, the achy pines,
all the thoughts, all the signs,
come to me, come so fine.
everything seems full of life,
with no despair, with no whine,
nothing, nowhere seems now bind,
luck now favors actions all mine.
en exotic fragrance lingers all the time,
Is this love? Is this my find?

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My Gang
My Gang

Just a HI
a blink of an eye
nodding our heads
passing the threads
bunking all classes
walking the grasses
strolling in malls
writing on walls
eating the candies
drinking all brandies
just to gather
say it together
I love U
I miss U
Everyday my friend
I love to be with U
celebrating birthdays
good days & bad days
watching all movies
moving on groovies
spending some time
to sing & rhyme
to spread this essence
of Love & its presence
among us & far
among sweet & sour
the message of friendship
the meaning of friendship
the bond among us
the feelings between us
the love, the passion,
the friendship’s compassion
Relish it all, enjoy it all,
coz it’s Valentine’s day after all…….

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I Do

Unable to put words in a row
Am I happy, sad or sorrow
Trying to cheat those delusive eyes
Caught I feel in illusive eyes
Peeking through to have a look
at the beauty, I get hooked
Restless I am before U
but U R the one, I know its true
Mysterious, Tremendous, Marvelous U R
My true desire, my love U R
Tried to fake, tried to loose
used the smoke with the booze
the feel I feel, when I am with U
is far too mystic, is far too true
I long to have a word with U
but get confused when I am with U
I need U close to my heart
without a pain in relations apart
My mind’s been playing games with me
confusing, dilating the love in me
this is the time, to put this through
What about U? I know, I do!

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Neha (The Breeze)

Swirling the chimes,
Whispering in rhymes,
Merry flew the morning breeze.
Full speed ahead,
Before anyone said,
Happy flew the morning breeze.
Bearing a message,
Below the wooden passage,
Quickly flew the morning breeze.
Blush & gay,
Restless to say,
Pacy flew the morning breeze.
Before anyone could utter,
The words dipped in butter,
Joyous flew the morning breeze.
Gently waking U up,
Keeping its promise up,
Sparkling flew the morning breeze.
Eager to see U smile,
Even over from a mile,
Elegant flew the morning breeze.
Greeting U charm,
Blessings humble & warm,
Wishing flew the morning breeze.
May God bless U so,
U may reach 100 in a row!

Happy Birthday!