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B’Day Rumour

Heart to heart so far apart
I may wish you on my part
but what bout’ those thrive for u?
what u pay to those who die to wish u?
U get confused, U get diffused
the deeper U go, the more U refuse
U try to grab it, but it slips
U try to snap it, but it nicks
Entertain her, attend her
pleasure him or talk to her?
Desires flood in your mind
whom to accept ? Whom to decline?
Adrenaline ruhes out
mind tries to solve mystery & this doubt
What to do, what to not?
When to stop, when to not?
When to dream, when to halt?
Pick the pepper or the salt?
Songs become diabetic
things seem to be too dynamic
The AURA of this special day
makes U pink & others grey
U choke of excitation
others die in hope of hay
U wish U could fly, U wish U could go high
U wish U may swim, only to comply::

Yes, I am the one cared by U all
the one for whom U buy cards & dolls
I may be in your hearts or at your darts
but surely tagged in your heart
Bless me on this special day
aside all differences & say

Longer than forever, I will keep you in my heart
where no one could harm our friendship with darts
Longer than forever
I’ll be there for you
Polish U & make U a gem true
I’ll be there when you lose or gain
I’ll be there to protect you from pain
We’ll always be together & remain free
Warm wishes from me to U on this special day
Happy Birthday


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

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