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I Confess

Standing alone to try to mend,
Mend the paths that cannot bend.
Alone U stand to make a mark,
Not in pages or any tree bark.
U make a habitat in every heart,
Knowing their secrets & favorites chart.
U see beneath every mask,
This may be your favorite task.
U get a share of every mind,
Still U heal, still U shine.
But let me see I am not blind!
Did U open your mysterious mind?
Don’t U have secrets & all?
Open yourself among us all!
Why U hear & never speak?
Let me peer or just sneak.
Let me see behind the walls,
Aside the rumors & the malls.
Stop for once, tell your tale,
Don’t misguide us in chip n dale!
Everyone seeks from U,
Some advice or part of U.
Tried to see, tried to read,
Always failed in this deed!
Now, I am ready to confess,
That I am again in distress.
I don’t want a mere one way flow,
Please fill up the other Row!
I feel too empty, I feel too sore,
& I am ready even to abjure.
Open yourself with a thrust,
I want to quench all my thirst.


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