Posted in Close to my Heart

Inside Out

Misery-stricken, overburdened
What the hell my life has become
Day & night, I think of my plight
Just to realize, I am not as bright
Enjoying with friends cheers no more
Celebrations or party I feel too bore
Endless search for marks in my bag
Extinguishing myself fag by fag
Partiality is the reason as they say
Thus unable to find any hope’s ray
Expressions I hide from all life forms
Suppressed I feel in these human bonds
Parents too practical, friends immature
Sister bewildered to suggest any cure
Everyone lost in personal vibes
No emotion left for friendship cries
Punishing myself I feel like punishing friends
Secluded I feel every now & then
Love life came to an end
Or that I should pretend
Never took the first step to express
My love now I am depressed
Just clear my only doubt
I want to be empty inside out.


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