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My Promise

The day is the saddest
God is no more modest
I am losing what I had
Will U forgive me Dad?
I am unable to fulfill your dreams
wasting my time in daily soaps & creams
All my exams are going tough
& my friends turning rough
Everyone says I am the best
but I know I am worse than the rest
I can’t weep nor can I mourn
Help me God till next morn.(morning)
Cut me off from fantasies & all
I am not worth it ,this I know
but help me reach the other row!
I am not social nor I am practical
but don’t drown me at least I am not animal
Make me strong Please, a while
so that I can atleast buy myself a mobile
This is not my lust, I am true
but a challenge from my crew
Is this the downfall of a scorpion?
NO! just a high tide in the life of an Indian
I know I have to survive
I promise, I will not thrive
I am ready for a reversal
this time without any rehersal
Give me power ,Oh my Deity!
I will prove myself, I promise Almighty….


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

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