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Power of LOVE

What do you think about love?
Isn’t it the gift that is the power above?
Love is patience,its not for any jealous
The true meaning is what you need to find!
U have to search it inside yourself
with this feeling you must always abide….
There’s nothing more precious than this,
Yes, it’s the most precious gift-it really is!
The essence of love is giving,
it’s the most essential part of one’s living.
It’s something for which people can die,
but sometimes it instills hatred, don’t know why!
Love forgives & all wrongs are forgotten,
without love our lives would be rotten.
It has both sunshine & rain,
it gives both happiness & pain.
One can love in not one, but many ways
& loving someone always pays.
Love is the language of HEART
& nobdy could do 2 lovers APART…..


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