Posted in Close to my Heart


Friends were to meet
Everyone was feeling the heat
The essence of old friends
The passion of those secret words & trends
I was excited beyond the limit
Adrenaline was all that did it
Enthusiasm was on its high
I tried to have a relief’s sigh
I wasn’t able to calm down
Searching my wardrobe for color Brown
Thinking of what I would say
How fascinating would be the day
Wanted to recollect all that I could
To talk, to say, or to boast as I should
Memories flashed in my mind
Clearing everything of times left behind
Day by day, night by night
I wasn’t able to control my mind’s flight
At last the day was here
I was searching for them everywhere
Delighted I called for one of us
They were standing just besides the bus
One by one we were collecting
It was like broken wires again connecting
Talks were on of our lost lives
We were like reviving our lives
Suddenly, I saw the same old face
Another memory of my school days
The face so subtle, so simple, so beautiful
The face with an aura so remarkable
That made me go wild, that made me go mad
I was lost in her, my love she had
Aroma of budding roses she spread
Body so elegant as if, He himself thread
Her voice so soft as if a feather
Her touch as if tranquillizing with a heather
Eyes as if misguiding into sea
Smile as toxic as if sting of a bee
Stunned I gazed at her
Don’t know how I face her
Unable to move my lips to say
My personality started to fray
Soon I was lost in her
What if she saw me, I feared
I was shocked beyond the limit
I don’t know how I faced her
Again the Goddess invaded my heart
I thank the one who called her at my part
No sooner that we departed
& my heart once again started
To beat, to cheat, to heat
With a hope that we may again someday meet


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