Posted in Close to my Heart

Dance Off

Rejoice, the drink of Life
Act on the play of Life
Face off the challenges of Life
Justify the relations of Life
Ponder upon the mysteries of Life
Indulge in the simplicity of Life
Live up the moments of Life
just to smell the fragrance of Life
Play with the twists of Life
Turns, bumps & dead ends of Life
Laugh with the laughter of Life
Cry with the worsts of Life
Take off the moods of Life
the reds, the greens , the blues of Life
Dive in the depths of Life
Hover upon the truths of Life
Take on the risks of Life
the do’s, the don’ts, the rules of Life
Move on the sands of Life
Pardon all the sins of Life
Understand the complexity of Life
the beauty & the simplicity of Life
Summarize these feelings of Life
For once, just spice up your Life
Live up to the fullest of Life
Dance off the steps of Life…


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