Posted in Close to my Heart



Always heard of a divine relation
Always felt the need & temptation
Searched the feel in every location
every path pointed one direction
Kept on moving till adolescence
I was doubtful of Its existence
Tackled all problems, faced all hurdles
Unperturbed I searched the candles
Searching the one waiting for me
to HIM I made a thousand plea
Bearing the candle, HE stood there
to cleave my darkness & deepest fear
to help me rejoice with full treble
to walk along, fear no pebble
He showed courage & walked with me
a person with guilt, no Identity
He indulged me among themselves
HE was none, but U my friend
U helped me feel, U helped me heal
U helped me through this ordeal
I was fearful of confrontation
& U helped in my illumination
U gave me all I ever wanted
& I always took U for granted
U were there for me everyday
with all my heart I bless U today!

Thanx for being there for me always…


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