Posted in Close to my Heart


Feeling a hot prick of tears in our eyes
seeking some more time looking up in the skies
feeling the blunt beating of hearts
as if they’re aimed with ferocious darts
holding ourselves to see thou part
eliminating a member, an important part
secretive & jealous, passionate & sharp
presence so mystic, voice as harp
cursing the unfortunate series of events
which lead to this mournful advent
sensing the voids created in hearts
countless in numbers & huge, Alas!
wild memories invading our minds
unleashing emotions of every kind
the precious moments lived together
elusive than corals, herbs & heather
this fatal paroxysm, shaking us
this fake happiness, saying Good Riddance!
just to hold up & wave to U
which is felt even by U too
we may again meet someday
somewhere, sometime, someplace, anyway
Hoping a Souvenir would do it all
revive the moments, the talks, the mall
the games we played, the jokes we cracked
the movies we watched, the way we fagged
still we continued & went on
so, don’t just halt & move on & on & on
You destiny awaits U somewhere
just remember us, don’t just leave right here.


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