Posted in Close to my Heart

The Moment

Long have I awaited
For a moment so elated
A moment so special, so important, so warm
A moment so intense that it may harm
A moment in pursuit of love and charm
A moment so deep, so pure, so calm
A moment so complete, so sure, so grand
A moment with harp & violin & band
A moment with her & candles a-bright
A moment with feelings at their height
A moment illuminating every heart
A moment making heartbeats thwart
A moment that’s clear in my heart
Whispers to me in my heart
Hold her hands & express your love
The love that’s tranquil & pure as dove
The love that’s vast & deep & sure
The love that’s medicine for your cure
The love that musters U up
The love that keeps U keyed up
The love that’s been your craving
Your Desire, that keeps U from draining
U’ll love her forever make her feel
Express yourself with warmth & zeal
Call this moment in your life
I want to live, give me LIFE!


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

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