Posted in Close to my Heart, My Questions

All I Want

Being selfish in my own dirty ways,
I disturb myself and others in every possible way.
By words, an utterance and other filthy ways,
I haunt myself and others anytime everyday.
Being possessive I pretend not to be one,
accumulating anger,disgust and other tantrum.
Acting strange and lonely, attracting attention
at parties and celebrations, basking redemption.
Masking my identity with humor and posture,
being sick and pathetic across every roster.
Doing anything just to satisfy my lust,
the basic human greed, but it disgusts.
Nurturing a desire to love, to be loved,
being silent, to express and be hugged.
Knowing my wants are still unfulfilled,
I disguise again, pretending to be thrilled.
But what I am asking is not too big,
I just need someone to listen and DIG…


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