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I Do

Unable to put words in a row
Am I happy, sad or sorrow
Trying to cheat those delusive eyes
Caught I feel in illusive eyes
Peeking through to have a look
at the beauty, I get hooked
Restless I am before U
but U R the one, I know its true
Mysterious, Tremendous, Marvelous U R
My true desire, my love U R
Tried to fake, tried to loose
used the smoke with the booze
the feel I feel, when I am with U
is far too mystic, is far too true
I long to have a word with U
but get confused when I am with U
I need U close to my heart
without a pain in relations apart
My mind’s been playing games with me
confusing, dilating the love in me
this is the time, to put this through
What about U? I know, I do!


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