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Glancing towards a flaccid singularity
surpassing emotions & desires momentarily
some bleak thoughts that come by
awaken me; weaken me on my sly
the plethora I wish to fathom
tune to that gloomy satirical rhythm
a vision to be a true astute
like barring the truth; a perpetual dispute
a horror, that does not spare
none, who would ever dare
The peek to one’s utmost aspiration
controlled by HIS unexpected execution.

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Feeling the heat of emotions triggered in me
the sense of insecurity vested in me
A lifetime of emotions that I shared with U
is more than what I can expect from U
My Gang

still I want U to be
close, adhered, glued to me
across the horizons with open arms
with every possible happiness and charm
all the moments I walked along
now forces my pain to prolong
with trembling feet, I part from U
not forever, but a moment or two
then why does it feel
these wounds are never gonna heal?
Impossible was a day without U
As always help me walk through
Let me bid farewell to U few
the indispensable, the unforgettable, the only Due!

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Resting on a leaf, the morning dewAkanksha
a beauty embraced only by a few
reflecting sunshine like the moon
enchanting the leaf & disappearing soon
a melody, a rhyme, a bliss, a cure
emotions so gentle, rapid & pure
touch as heather, treasures ashore
leave us gasping, panting for more
zapped & bewildered, faces U wore
time & again, U opened the door
blinking eyes to grant us wish
sweetest smile, a sigh for kiss
smooth as a whisper overly reserved,
a friend that only a few deserve
A Godly bliss that we share in U
May enchant the world as a tranquil dew!

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Smart & intelligent, chubby & wildPrerna
a few qualities that are a rare find
a heart of a lioness, ambition for prey
a mind so sharp, clever they say
Thoughts so deep, that U laugh away
are meant to be said, in some other way
U helped me relish a freedom within
release a bird, barred from singing
breaking a fake barrier that was,
that made me weak without a cause
the first girl that made me talk
without a reason in just a walk
U helped me see beyond the wall
that was always there, wide & tall
the pranks U played with me & all
helped us gel to that very mall
asĀ  a crush I must say
thanks to U for everyday
for all U’ve done & what U’ve been
for helping me without being seen
all these days, all these months
of fun & frolic, tears & burns
There wasn’t a moment I was not impressed
& U ask ‘Was there a moment I was impressed’!