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Miss U

MaddyI abjure I have hurt U
but never ever to harm U
I know I never call U
Never show how much I miss U
But I am weak here to admit,
What U mean to me dammit!
Words mislead us U know!
They just eat us up so!
I know U care, I know U do
No matter what, whatever I do!
Concious of the tiniest thing I do,
to make U happy, to help U through
I end up with something misleading the truth
but I want to indulge, without a brood.
I want to keep the innocence alive
keeping the gullible vulnerability aside
The memory of that First year
the cheers, the voices still sound in my ears
U are the one I never wanna lose
This day, today calls for a booze…


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

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