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The Drink

The DrinkThe sparkling drink of the Holy Grail,
Has come alive to see HIM frail,
With sharp features & devil’s tail,
Walking the ages with countless tales,
Tales of betrayal, of lust and lies,
Of broken hearts & shattered trust & ties.
The pleasure she gives, SHE gives & takes,
& robs us of our souls in wake,
She shines so bright & radiant in our minds,
Burning just enough to make us blind,
To close our eyes to what we choose,
The right, the wrong, or the neighbor’s booze,
The way she glides & rides in our shoes,
We are tempted, amused & that’s when we lose,
The loss, which can, never be repaid,
With all the riches & the golden eggs yet laid.
She can destroy in more ways than one,
With utmost cruelty, while having fun!

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There’s a difference, small may it be
That’s enough still, to provoke a scrutiny
A difference between me and U, not physical,
The minds I am referring, not the bodies, typical?
That’s all a game of reference, I say
If you don’t know the word, back off, be gay.
‘Einstein was great’, U don’t need me to prove!
Relativity at its best – none can disapprove,
Applies to minds & to thoughts that are free,
Free to wander, as per your Royal decree.
But the thought – “U R affected by my thought”,
Must have crept, also in your thought!
Then, Y is it that U R angry on someone else,
And, there are tears afresh in my eyes, hence
Hence, I fear its not just U who suffer,
The pain’s also on my side duffer.
But, wait a second, who am I to interfere
That’s too much to say, maybe U don’t care
Being positive, I put forth, “U didn’t notice!”
& the worst of all “Was there anything to notice?”