Posted in Close to my Heart, My Questions


There’s a difference, small may it be
That’s enough still, to provoke a scrutiny
A difference between me and U, not physical,
The minds I am referring, not the bodies, typical?
That’s all a game of reference, I say
If you don’t know the word, back off, be gay.
‘Einstein was great’, U don’t need me to prove!
Relativity at its best – none can disapprove,
Applies to minds & to thoughts that are free,
Free to wander, as per your Royal decree.
But the thought – “U R affected by my thought”,
Must have crept, also in your thought!
Then, Y is it that U R angry on someone else,
And, there are tears afresh in my eyes, hence
Hence, I fear its not just U who suffer,
The pain’s also on my side duffer.
But, wait a second, who am I to interfere
That’s too much to say, maybe U don’t care
Being positive, I put forth, “U didn’t notice!”
& the worst of all “Was there anything to notice?”


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