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All the tales a memoir can read
Of fairies, the kings & their deeds
All the plays with famous leads
About the fables of Love & Greed
All fall short before my life
A life I lived with your vibe
Entwined with me all your jive
Has made me feel truly alive
An unforgettable journey of all times
The mystical music complementing the rhymes
Surpassing every joy worth wine
U made my life a celebration for all times
A masterpiece who transcended upon me
from the Holy HIM, against my plea
U are a gem about to flee
Disappear for now, but don’t be a mystery…

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Touched By Her

Every time I see her, I fall for her again.
Despite all efforts, I feel the same again.
The same old feeling, the same profound pain,
Ever since the day I met her, there’s been nothing like a gain.
I strive for her presence, with a guilt of disdain,
& when she’s around, my mind’s lost in the memory lane.
I despise her, despite the fact, I love the dame.
Trying to avoid a major faux pas, with an excuse so lame!
But deep within, I know that I am true to chain,
For the emotions I hold are far too violent & untamed.
It’s all about me, nobody else has a claim.
For why am I writing? Do I really have an aim?
Except for those silly sentiments of love in rain,
Hallucinations of those lovely tresses beyond the pane,
I have nothing, nothing except a wish that remains,
To be touched by Her, forever to blame,
HIS unexpected execution of the life’s Game,
That I am angry for the life that remains…