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Touched By Her

Every time I see her, I fall for her again.
Despite all efforts, I feel the same again.
The same old feeling, the same profound pain,
Ever since the day I met her, there’s been nothing like a gain.
I strive for her presence, with a guilt of disdain,
& when she’s around, my mind’s lost in the memory lane.
I despise her, despite the fact, I love the dame.
Trying to avoid a major faux pas, with an excuse so lame!
But deep within, I know that I am true to chain,
For the emotions I hold are far too violent & untamed.
It’s all about me, nobody else has a claim.
For why am I writing? Do I really have an aim?
Except for those silly sentiments of love in rain,
Hallucinations of those lovely tresses beyond the pane,
I have nothing, nothing except a wish that remains,
To be touched by Her, forever to blame,
HIS unexpected execution of the life’s Game,
That I am angry for the life that remains…


8 thoughts on “Touched By Her

  1. hey rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    marvellous,,,,,,,amazing yr……..hum to aap par fida ho gaye ji…….
    bt yeh lucky girl kaun hai ji??????????????
    vaise i must say d composition was ausum…..
    keep rocking dude……love u nd miss u…

    yours friend,


  2. Cool Citiz! i m aware of ur capabilities and u know that i really admire it also
    Keep ur spirit high and do keep always writing.
    Post me new poems in .doc format so that i can save it for life tme


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