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My Love Cry

I call U, come to me
this is my hearty plea
Without U, I am filled with glee
Its been long I can’t wait to be free
Feeling myself I’ve hurt me
Can’t take anymore, I plea
Accept me, I can’t change actually
Sobbing, I imagine myself in every dream
Please understand what I have been
It’s difficult for U, but I am being mean
Not everything is for granted, in its sheen
When I see people holding hands, I cry
A love cry, not to be heard by any passer-by
That echos long, long enough to make me cry
For the moments I miss, ain’t gonna come by
Love, lust whatever U say
I am desperate for that day
When U, that beautiful someone may
Plunge into my life to make my day…


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

5 thoughts on “My Love Cry

  1. wow dude par kisi ka chehra tha saamne jab likh raha tha…………..

    main copy kar lu…..mere kaafi kaam aa jayegi !!!!!!!!11


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