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The Sweet Nothings

Standing at the brink of the start
I look back to the memories shared in the past
The sweet nothings I whispered to U
Thinking U would respond to the clue
were far more important, far more important than what I ever said to U
The burdens of my huge dreams I shared with a few
Were they for real? Were they worth a celebrations?
All my dreams come to an end today!
& new ones build since forth this day
What you mean to me is now more important than ever
Hiding myself wasn’t tougher either ever
Unable to speak as always, let me kneel before U
& confess, that I am guilty in hiding my fears from U
I always wanted to strengthen our ties
Like the vibrant colors sparkling the eyes
A toast with U, colorful & mild
With cheers that echo loud & wild
But, those sweet nothings were never ever sweet
& that’s the truth that I never ever wanted to tweet…


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