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Farewell, Sir!

Had it been for someone else,
It would had been another acquaintance.
Had it been for some other time,
It wouldn’t have cost another dime.
Had it been for some other day,
I would had sought another ray.
But, why it had to be this way?
A lot to ask, if I may!
Parting from an astute one,
In this span nothing’s been done.
Snatching from me my sheer luck,
Reduced me to an ugly duck.
It’s a loss, not just for me,
Everyone’s here with the similar plea.
It is like the demise of cheers,
every eye is numb with tears.
Escalating, in all, some fears.
None too close, none too dear.
Had it not been for the masks U wear,
I would had raised my accusations clear.
But, my words are false, & so are U,
Like the blemishes of forest fire on dew.
This memory I would treasure with all my will
& carry it with me till I am still!
So, keeping my selfish thoughts at bay,
I bid U farewell & a handsome pay.


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

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