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Always had a lot to say,
Promises, complaints, and appreciations every day.
Every moment I spent with U,
Wore an essence, an indispensable part of U.
Still, I refrained my words,
Hoping, we were more than just nerds.
There was more to us than just words.
But, I was wrong to assume,
That words were meant only for runes.
Now, that my ears long to hear from U,
I’ve realized what U have gone through.
But, I can’t help it, though easy it is,
Coz, I’m always hiding from life as it is.
Hiding my emotions with the faces I wear,
Hiding my tears with the ignorance I wear,
All my desires with the calmness of mind,
& the guilty pleasures, I hold in my whine.
Fearful of the world, I hide myself,
From U, from HIM & everyone else,
But, the reality is that I am desperate,
Desperate enough to let U know,
That no matter how less I said,
There was always more, a lot more to be said.

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U know what, U don’t know!
And I am no different either.
I may not repeat your name twice a day,
Or even once for that matter!
But, I am short of any evidence,
If, that’s what matters.
What I hate being friends,
What I hate being us,
Are the words – Do Not Disturb!
The words – This Does not Concern U!
Make me a stranger to U.
Expect what U are expected to expect,
Is too hard to accept!
My craving for U, makes me feel weak!
Instills in me fears, week after week!
I make up things, just to console myself.
A travel with U in my dreams.
An evening full of echos and screams(of joy)!
Of all that’s past along the streams.
But, I still am frustrated, lacking something.
Not something, actually everything, EVERYTHING in U!