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The gentle strokes of your fingers in my hair,
scintillate me, make me feel bare,
Bare to my soul, open & clear.
The burden of all the lies that I bear.
Relieved me of all the faces I wear
Forced me to reveal every tear I wear
Unleashing every emotion I held
Since eternity, slyly the grudges I felt
Your majestic touch helped me heal
All the burns I always locked in seals
All I ever felt, all I ever thought
All I made up in the battles I fought
Was, but a weaker part of me
Buried deep within the unfathomable sea
You unleashed it all, & forced me to plea
& I said it all, with every sense of glee
All U did was just more than help
Rejuvenating my senses with your gentle self


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

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