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Why is it?

Why is it? That I always stop?
Standing at the brink, seconds, from fall.
Thoughts in my mind, memories and walls,
Stop in my mouth, seconds, from fall.
Desires that I crave, grand and grave,
Stop in my mind, dig their grave!
Am I brave? Or am I weak?
Why is it that I never weep?
Am I strong? For I don’t know!
Why can’t I follow the row?
All I love, all I hate,
Snatched from me as my fate.
Hiding myself, from the truth that is,
I have forgotten, what the truth really is!
Afraid of even my own self
I search through my eyes, my true self.
Lost in this wild, and hungry dearth,
I question, why the hell am I on this Earth?


A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

7 thoughts on “Why is it?

  1. hey nice one…….
    i think even i wrote something of this kind i mean thots were the same,, i guess it was “kyu” or may be a little bit from “darr” check it out…
    nd dis one was senti…….. 🙂


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