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Mocking at me, count by count
Confiscating my pride in every round
They laugh at me, loud and wide
Washing my efforts, with a yet new tide
They come in numbers and take all the time
Me and others, all fall in lines.
One after the other, the victims they chose
All fall prey, to the lure of the cruise.
To sail above them, mighty it seems,
it ain’t possible without a bruise to the sheen.
We take it on us and face it all,
Not for the fear, lest, we should fall,
Not for the tall claims, we make,
Or, the bold statements, we fake.
But, coz it is, what we love,
Coz, we know, their origin is us,
Coz, we know, we have it in us,
To squash all bugs and garner trust!