Posted in Close to my Heart

Away from You

Wandering through the dark,
Escaping the hidden mark,
Running away from U,
In the shadows of the dark!
I feel entrapped!
I feel entrapped in the promised embrace,
The embrace lasting eternity,
free from the clutches of this fraternity.
Unable to decide, if this is reality.
Longing for that kiss of love,
So much! so much! So much!
I feel life draining from me,
As I am walking away from U,
I feel darkness creeping in me.
Seeping in me the poison of fear!
Unable to carry the burden of this secret,
I fall apart, deprived of tears,
& I keep walking way from U.
Ashamed,afraid and full of disgust,
Fearful of my fears coming true,
I just keep walking away from U!


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