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The beauty of Chaos

This amazing beauty, of chaos all around
Fills my eager mind, with possibilities & doubt
Whatever should happen, whatever should not
Should I take the path more traveled, or the one less trot
Enjoy the sweet whispers, of life in my ears
Or just take it by storm, year after year
Oh! The dilemma, to say Yes or to say NO
To each hearty desire, my love did ever throw
No matter how genuine, no matter how lame
Regardless of what happens, I am to be blamed
The fierce scorching heat, of all the expectations
Just adds to my failures, my dereliction
I wonder how I am happy, & eager to carry on
As if the whole cosmos, has tagged me along
Amid the huge chaos, of death & birth of stars
Mine’s a similar fable, full of humor, love & scars
Enthralled & entrenched, in this beautiful chaos
I feel I have been a part (of it), for eons & eons!



A typically shy and naive guy who can take your breath away!

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