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The Unfair Justice

Justice has prevailed,
They say, celebrating with ale.
All they did, all we did,
meaningless, unless they hid!
Hid under the curtains dark,
all our efforts and all our mark
To reveal what was non-existent
coz we were not brave, but hesitant
Coying before the capital punishment
We knelt down, to avoid harassment.
Every voice succumbed by the prime,
As if even asking was a crime.
Tackling all the counters in supreme fashion,
They forgot, it was but, all about passion.
Killing joy with their bare blows,
Mercilessly slaughtering the dreams we behold,
they ordered, ruled and abused us,
& we degraded coz we fell for lust.
Tangled ourselves in the vicious circle,
Craving for that extra bit in our cubicle,
We were left waiting for the final verdict,
Now, we look back to what we did, & realize,
We are not even close to what we deserve,
Laughing, they announce, ‘The Unfair Justice’, has been served.

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The Storm Inside Me!

There’s a storm inside me, a storm of wild emotions,
a storm that’s active and reacts to every sensation.
It makes me uneasy and eats up all my reaction,
all my words and all my expressions.

It confuses me and everyone around me,
Creating false illusions all around me.
It alters my character & all I am,
Confusing even myself of what I am.

It shakes not just my emotions, but my very foundation.
Tried a lot of methods, anger, love, even meditation.
But all in vain, I am unable to reduce its pain,
The quandary that’s present, makes it look like a game.

This storm has created a vacuum inside me,
where all my emotions are trapped and they plea to be free
But they are unable to fight the thoughts:
That they have been trapped for far too long to be sought.

And though they have lost significance & no longer matter,
They are always in a state of constant conflict & batter.
Trapping even what I want to say now, what I feel now.
But I am trapped in this vicious circle, I don’t know how!

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Whispers of a Dream

Had a few words to say to U
Why I had been avoiding U
With all the counters I could think
& all the logics blended in a drink
I knew I was late, late to realize
That it was a mistake to summarize
Summarize all my thoughts and emotions
& never empathize your sensation
Now, I scream out loud to reach U
but the distance between is much too large
& No matter how much I scream,
My words are just some Whispers of a Dream
that echo hard, but are never heard
Left to echo for eternity and never to be heard
Standing in this swarm of echos,
I feel nothing but excruciating pain
& I wake up from this Nightmare
pleading God to rid me of this dare
Still I need to ask U, about this dream
Am I really gonna have those Whispers of the Dream?

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Away from You

Wandering through the dark,
Escaping the hidden mark,
Running away from U,
In the shadows of the dark!
I feel entrapped!
I feel entrapped in the promised embrace,
The embrace lasting eternity,
free from the clutches of this fraternity.
Unable to decide, if this is reality.
Longing for that kiss of love,
So much! so much! So much!
I feel life draining from me,
As I am walking away from U,
I feel darkness creeping in me.
Seeping in me the poison of fear!
Unable to carry the burden of this secret,
I fall apart, deprived of tears,
& I keep walking way from U.
Ashamed,afraid and full of disgust,
Fearful of my fears coming true,
I just keep walking away from U!

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The Pacific

Walking past the memento of our friendship,
With lowered eyes, across the legend of our friendship,
I feel scared of the thoughts creeping in me,
The hollow whispers seeking the weakness in me.
The moist fragrance of our steps that’s there,
Draws me closer to our presence that’s there.
Visions of our snaps flashes across my eyes,
Blinding me through those glimpses in the skies.
Memories of love, of laughter, of care,
Memories of pain, & fear we shared,
All that’s there to me, to you,
All that’s there from cheers to hue,
Everything just floods my mind,
& I go numb as these memories unwind.
All my energies drain in front of the Pacific,
I feel exhausted & this ain’t specific.
But,  I walk alone each day, each night,
Right past this legend to add to my plight!
And, I long for your presence here,
With the cheers and joys of this fare!

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Some Day!

Feeling a pang of pain across my limbs,
The one bond denied was not a fling.
Catapulting the emotions through a sling,
There’s no particular favor in this chaos and meddling.
Disrupting the lives of all we love,
Emotions and feelings all go numb.
The way they do, what they do,
Is far from right, they overdo!
The orthodox behavior, they call religion,
Is a part of the past, a call to legion!
Why just can’t they see, there’s a lot they oversee!
Watching through the binoculars of the past, they can’t see,
The smiles of the present and the jubilee,
That we hold in one can’t be transferred with a glee!
Emotions are fragile, and they can’t always be
Molded and soldered to fit just anybody!
Devastating the trust that we hold in you,
You blame only us, for the fear in you!
Leaving us to the one we love,
You won’t lose us to our dear love.
The thoughts and emotions that forced you to say,
Words of distrust & experience this day!
The brutal truth that we faced this day,
Will show up again, again some day!

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Losing a friend

The addiction of that intoxicating presence
The aura of that unbelievable essence
Amazes me and would continue to do so
But it’s hard to accept and harder to let go
The thought of losing a friend in you
& the fact, there’s nothing I can do
Just aggravates the pain that follows
The agony of companionship moving towards shallows.
The more I think, the more it clears,
I owe you more, than just tears.
The moments of cheers that we shared
Would be more memorable to me, than we cared!
Your guidance has been the light in the dark
& my life has become a walk in the park.
Though saying ‘Good Bye’ is hell lot of a pain
I would always look forward to meet U again!